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What is To Flex or Not To Flex?

The goal of is to compare the prices of gasoline and E85 Flex Fuel to figure out which is the better buy based on the miles per gallon efficiency your car burns each fuel.

To begin, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Create a car so that you can tie all your calculations to your car.
  2. Enter your numbers to get an accurrate calculation.
  3. Calculate your results and see which fuel makes sense for you.
  4. Create an account so that you can easially access your numbers from your last calculation when you log back in.

We Want to Save You Time at the Pump!

Create an account so that you can save your data and easily access the numbers you last used, making calculating your decision that much faster!

What is E85 Flex Fuel?

A Flex Fuel enabled car is a dual-fuel vehicle capable of burning more than one fuel type. Using an internal combustion engine and a common tank, a Flex Fuel enabled vehicle is designed to run typically gasoline or an ethanol blend. The most common commercially available Flex Fuel vehicles are those which use ethonol as their secondary fuel type.(Source:

Is my car able to use E85 Flex Fuel?

Here is an extensive list of vehicles which are commercially produced and enabled with E85 Flex Fuel capability.

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